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Solutions Logistik is a well know software developer who is addressing the needs of daycares since 1997. Always taking in account customer feedback, we develop products and services of superior quality. To us, you are not just another number, but a part of our success. Experience a true business relation with Solutions Logistik.

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Q: Why should I use a software to produce my RL-24 Slips?

A: Since January 1st, 2011, if you are filing more than 50 RL slips of the same type for a taxation year, you must transmit them online in a XML file. A penalty could be imposed if this obligation is not respected. You cannot transmit RL-slip data in an XML file via email See. Revenu Quebec bylaws.


Q: I own a small family daycare and I’m producing less than 50 RL-24 slips. Do you have software that can address my needs?

A: Yes, a free limited version of the software allows you to print your RL-24 slips.

Visit:  http://compagnonmf.info/index.php?option=com_content&;view=article&id=75&Itemid=42.


Q: Could I transmit my RL-24 slips to Revenu Quebec in a PDF or Excel file?

A: No. If you are filing more than 50 RL slips of the same type for a taxation year, you must transmit a XML file. Our software transmits your file directly to Revenu Quebec in an adequate format.


Q: When should we expect 2012 RL-24 slips software?

A: Revenu Quebec certification is starting on November 19th. The 2012 version will be released within the following weeks. In the meantime, a beta version will be available. Register yourself at http://releve24.com/index.php/abonnement for release updates.

You’re in a hurry? Use 2011 RL-24 slips software and import your data in 2012 software when available.


Q: How much is the RL -24 slips software?

A: The cost per taxation year is of $295. This includes the software itself, updates (if needed) and complete support at installation and moment of transit. Do not hesitate to contact us for support during these two processes: we’re just a phone call away! No extra fees will be charged, except for Excel importation requests (See below).


Q: I have an Excel file containing all parental data and payments. Do I have to go through the whole data entry process again?

A: No. We provide an importation service at the cost of $85. One of our technicians will oversee the process to ensure that Renevu Quebec guidelines are respected. A template can be downloaded at:  www.releve24.com/ImportationReleve24.xls. Please submit your file for a free estimate before you do any modifications to our Excel file.


Q: I own 3 different daycares. Do I have to buy 3 registrations?

A: Yes, one software registrations only allows you to produce slips for one daycare. If you own more than one daycare, you can benefit of a 50% discount per additionally registration. 


Q: I used your software last year. Do I have to go through another data entry process for kids that were in the 2011 listing?

A: No. An import function allows you to copy profiles of previous years into the 2012 software.


Q: Which computer operation system is supported (Mac or Windows)?

A: Our software is compatible with all Windows editions. Mac users must install Parallels Desktop http://www.parallels.com. Solutions Logistik does not offer installation support for Parallels Desktop. Please refer to your IT.


Q: How do I get a transmitter registration number to transmit my RL-24 slips?

A: You must register as a transmitter in order to file RL slips. To register a business, you must complete a Transmitter Registration Form (ED-430-V) and send it to Revenu Quebec. For more information, contact Revenu Quebec

  • 418.659.1020, within Quebec city area;
  • 1.866.814.8392 (toll free), outside Quebec city area.


Q: Is Solutions Logistik accountable for the provided software?

A: As a Revenu Quebec authorized software developer, we are bound by a responsibility agreement. This agreement is available at http://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/sepf/services/logiciels/responsabilites_respectives.aspx.


Q: I’d like to try out your software. Is a trial version available?

A: Yes. Limited free software allows you to prepare you RL-24 slips. Print and transmit actions are locked on this free software. Use activation key given on purchase to gain access to full version. The trial version can be found at this address: http://releve24.com/index.php/presentation


Q: What the activation key is for?

A: The activation key is like a serial number. Typing this number in your software will give you access to the full version. The activation key is sent by email on purchase.


Q: Your software meets my needs! How do I buy it?

A: Complete an order form and send it with your payment cheque to the address on the form. Upon reception, an activation key will be sent to you by email. Please contact us if you wish to use other payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.). While waiting for the activation key, you can still install the software and enter your data.


Q: Do you have any bookeeping software in which the transmission of RL-24 slips is already integrated?

A: Yes. We offer specialized solutions for all types of daycare. Please visit our product websites for more information :


  • Enfantin Software For subsidized and non-subsidized daycare, CPEs, coordinator office or other daycare services.
  • Le Compagnon Software For subsidized and non-subsidized childcare services in family context.


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